Mesa Rebels Volleyball

Mission : To develop and refine a diverse team in the fundamentals of volleyball, with an emphasis on sportsmanship, and a foundation of innovation, community, communication, respect, and responsibility.

Core Values

  • Equality : Fair treatment of team/ staff members and other teams in a competitive sports environment.
  • Community : Developing and maintaining positive relationships and teamwork; after all, human beings work best together.
  • Communication : Sharing knowledge and ideas effectively in order to improve more efficiently as individuals and as an organization.
  • Innovation : Overcoming challenges by bringing new and creative ideas to a growing team.
  • Respect : Acknowledge and respect each other’s differences, and provide a safe, supportive environment where everyone feels valued, and encouraged to participate.
  • Responsibility : Being self-accountable, conscientious, reliable and preserving in order to bring your best-self to the team.


Our Team

  • Head Coach - Andy Honda
  • Club Secretary - Kara Honda
  • Club Manager - Delonte' Riggins
  • Club Director - Jenifer Espinoza

Our Team

About :

Born and raised in Hawaii, I played Pop Warner Football for 5 years. In high school I developed an interest in volleyball, and refined my skills in school and on the beach. Participating (and excelling) in martial arts for more than 13 years taught me respect, discipline, determination, and structure. The skills I acquired as an athlete have been instrumental in my success at work, coaching and developing employees, as well as at home, as a husband and father.

My background, and my passion for the sport, combined with my ability to adapt to each player will have an impact on how efficient we become as a team, as well as a family.











Coach Leah Kauffman has played competitively for 10 years throughout high school, club, college and a semi-professional adult team. She started coaching in 2008 with a high school varsity team, moved on to help assist at the collegiate level and now enjoys coaching at Paradise Valley high school.  


Some of her strengths as a volleyball coach are in performance analysis and breaking down skills into small segments that can be easily understood and executed. She believes in repetitious training to develop sound skills.  She expects to refine those skills with precise accuracy and consistency.She has designed, organized and led multiple club and college-based camps and skill clinics, as well as providing one-on-one instruction. 

Leah began her college career at Eastern Kentucky. She finished up her career at Adams State University. After two seasons, she graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor in Human Performance Psychology and is now in the process of completing her Masters of Business Administration in Sport Leadership. Leah’s desire to learn more about sport performance led her to get certified as a Corrective Exercise Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 


With a knowledge of competitive sports, performance, physical training and athletic development Coach Kauffman aspires to build a competitive program that takes pride in athletic fundamentals, competitive training and community involvement.

“The principles and values that sport has to contribute to the life of a young teenage athlete, in any circumstance, is essential to building the character of every young adult.” Coach Kauffman

Delonte' Riggins

Asst Coach

About :

With over 14 years of experience playing competitive sports, military training and focusing on continued education in health and sports training,

I am excited to join the Mesa Rebels as the Sports/ Agility Training Coach. The girls will learn defensive and offensive skills while strengthening their bodies to prevent sports-related injuries that can take them out of the game. My goal is to train our athletes to reach college level volleyball with strength and ability!

Jenifer Espinoza

Club Director

About :

I am a volleyball mom and love it! I love watching Kyla develop into the athlete she wants to be and helping her reach her goals of playing volleyball in college and the Olympics!

My experience as a Director derives from graduating from Arizona State University with a Master in Social Work and Public Administration. From my experience as a Pediatric/ Adolescent Social Worker and Supervisor, I bring a vast knowledge of child/ youth development, Strengths perspective in treating the whole person/child, and program development. 

I have developed several psychosocial programs at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. I look forward to bringing my piece of the pie to Mesa Rebels and growing as a family-oriented team!

Kara HonDa

Club Secretary

About :
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